Enabling continuous student feedback with Berlin-based start-up Clay.

Clay - Homescreen, All done & All lectures

Clay approached me to help them with the design of their app. After doing some consultation and reviewing their current design, I got the opportunity to redesign the interface myself. The main focus was on enhancing how things look, but also the user experience on the app needed some updates. The changes included a new art direction and simplifying the user interface. After doing user testing and going through a lot of iterations, we launched the first version during fall 2020 at ESCP Berlin.

The project learned me a lot about digital product design, doing user testing and building solutions starting from user research. It was also the first time I worked with Figma (which I really enjoyed!).

  • Date

    Aug. 2020

  • Role

    Product Design

Clay - Professor & moodsClay - Reasons and commentClay - ResultsClay - Profile screen, settings and privacy policyClay - Illustrations

Creating a company website for rebranded Sofindev.