Showcasing the ease and tastiness of Dorst cocktails.

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This was the first time (while at Skinn) I was involved in a web project from the very start. From the kickoff meeting with the client and analysing the old website to creating wireframes and bringing it to life with a visual design. This was one of the rare occasions where the branding wasn't done by Skinn (which made it challenging).

By slightly altering the branding, I tried to create a cocktail of vibrant imagery, playful copy and details to show the quality and craftsmanship of the drinks.

  • Date

    Mar. 2020

  • Role

    Visual & Interaction Design

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Dorst - Drink carouselDorst - List of cocktailsDorst - Mobile screensDorst - Reasons whyDorst - CTADorst - Impressions (CTA, News and Drink detail)

Creating an immersive online experience for Caviarz.